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Why It Is So Important To Have Your Gas Heater Serviced Regularly

Gas heaters can help you create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. They can be kind on your wallet and allow you to make the most of your living room or bedroom.

However, regularly servicing them is key to ensuring that your home is safe for you and your family and that you are not wasting money on gas! 

Here is what to know about servicing your gas heater – so you can book your gas heating service in all confidence!

Why Should You Get Your Gas Heater Serviced?

Gas heaters are so long-lasting and reliable that sometimes we forget that they, too, need servicing. However, as the weather gets colder, it is essential to keep in mind the reasons for which servicing your gas heating system is crucial. 

It’s All About Safety

First and foremost, servicing your gas heater can help you prevent deadly gas leaks. Indeed, gas heaters will run on several gases, which usually include carbon dioxide. If your gas heaters correctly burn through the gases, there won’t be any toxic chemicals and leftovers in the air, making it completely safe to spend your evenings in front of the heater. 

However, faulty gas heaters can represent a substantial health risk for you, your family, and your neighbours. Indeed, CO2 or carbon monoxide leaks can cause build-ups which are highly flammable and dangerous for those who breathe them, often causing permanent damage. 

While some of these gasses are added with a smell that alarms you of their presence in the air, some others don’t. Servicing your gas heaters can prevent this. 

Don’t Repair Your Gas Heater – Service It!

Not servicing your gas heater can cause you to end up with a broken heating system that is much more challenging – and costly – to repair. More manageable maintenance tasks to solve, when promptly addressed, are much more convenient to repair rather than a complete breakdown of the system. And of course, this might happen in the middle of a chilly evening, when you would be left without heating! Booking your gas heating service in advance can help you count on it throughout winter!

Your Broken Gas Heater Might Be Costing You Money

Cracks and breakages in the system can be hazardous – and even increase the risk of fires! However, even if it does not come to that, you might still be dealing with a costly loss of gas. Servicing your heating system can help you realize these issues in time, promptly address them, and prevent money loss.

How Can You Know When You Need a Service?

If your system’s pilot light often goes out or comes on when you light the heater, there is something wrong with your heater. Moreover, if you have noticed a change in colour or consistency in the flame (it has become red, yellow, or brown) and dirt around the heater, you might need to call in a professional. 

Lastly, don’t wait to call an expert if your system overheats or it is showing heat damage.

Whether you wish to book in your gas heating service appointment or you still have a question, getting in touch with Frankston plumbing experts can help you put your mind at rest!

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