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If you’re searching online for “Plumber Frankston” or surrounding suburbs then you’ve come to the right place.

The professional team here at Bayside Gasfitting & Plumbing provide a range of plumbing services to both domestic and commercial properties, homes, schools & businesses.

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Our Services

Gas Heater Servicing

Our people have the expertise required to maintain your gas heater, from ducted and standard heaters to burners and gas log fires. We also offer a wide range of reconditioned, affordable, good-as-new units.

General Gas Appliances & Services

For gas issues you’ll want to be sure you’re in the safest and most experienced hands. We are highly-skilled specialists in the service, repair and installation of all gas lines and appliances.

Hot Water Replacement

Having problems with your hot water system or pipes? From bursts to blockages, we’ll advise on the most cost effective repair or replacement options.

Tap Repairs

Our team will effectively resolve any issue relating to your taps, from annoying drips to wasteful leaks, or difficulties turning them off and on.


Because blocked drains, sinks and toilets have the potential to create a lasting mess, our expert team is on-hand to clear any blockage quickly and thoroughly.


Ovens & Gas Stoves

We have the training and skills needed to service and repair any type of gas heater or stove. Plus, ask us about our wide range of reconditioned appliances, for extra savings.

Real Estates

Acting as a single and reliable point-of-contact for Real Estate agents, we guarantee the swift resolution of any gasfitting or plumbing issue.

Caravan Gas Certification

Tapping into our expertise will help you meet the necessary criteria to acquire your Caravan Gas Certificate.

Happy Customers

“We have been using Bayside Gasfitting & Plumbing for years. From sorting our gas ducted heating issues, replacing our hot water service and recently sorting our bathroom plumbing problems. Quick, efficient service at a fair price. I highly recommend!”

Jenny McDonald


“We have been using Bayside Gasfitting & Plumbing for years. From sorting our gas ducted heating issues, replacing our hot water service and recently sorting our bathroom plumbing problems. Quick, efficient service at a fair price. I highly recommend!”

Jenny McDonald


“We have been using Bayside Gasfitting & Plumbing for years. From sorting our gas ducted heating issues, replacing our hot water service and recently sorting our bathroom plumbing problems. Quick, efficient service at a fair price. I highly recommend!”

Jenny McDonald


Looking for a local Frankston plumber?

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Fully Licensed and Insured

Fully licensed and insured, Bayside Gasfitting & Plumbing are here to provide a personalised service.

Our training, licenses and insurance will ensure the job is done right!

40+ Years Experience

For forty plus years our team has prided itself on offering services of the highest quality at the most affordable prices. We have become one of the most trusted plumbing and gas-fitting service providers in the area..

No job is too big or too small. You can count on us for honest, clear-cut advice and service.

24/7 Emergency Service

We understand that you might need us the most in the middle of the night or over the weekend. That’s why, in case of emergency, we are available 24/7. Call us anytime with your urgent repair needs.

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The Best Plumber in Frankston

Having built our reputation over many years as a reliable local Frankston plumber and gas technician, it’s little wonder we have developed a solid reputation amongst our Frankston customer-base for being the best in the area. It’s a consequence of our commitment to being with you in a hurry, and going that extra mile to provide support and the highest quality results.

In Frankston, Bayside Gasfitting & Plumbing is known for providing honest and easy-to-understand advice alongside effective solutions, all at the most affordable prices. Our team is properly qualified, registered and insured, giving you extra peace-of-mind of a job well done.

40+ Years Experience

For more than forty years Bayside Gasfitting & Plumbing has successfully managed the gas and plumbing needs of the residents of Frankston. The reason we have lasted so long is simple … it’s all about trust! Our customers trust us to ensure the safety and functionality of some of the most vital workings of their homes and businesses. For four decades, locals have depended on us for jobs big and small, confident in the knowledge they will enjoy exceptional results.

From servicing your gas heater, oven, stove or any other gas appliances, to resolving issues with your hot water supply, fixing dripping or leaking taps, and unblocking drains, sinks or toilets, you can trust us to have everything back up-and-running in next to no time.

Our Process

The way we work couldn’t be more straightforward. In the first instance, all you need to do is contact us via the form on this website, or drop us a line to talk through any specific problems or requirements.

Whatever time of day, a member of our skilled team will be on the other end of the line, fully equipped with the knowledge, tools and skills to develop a plan and ensure your issue is resolved quickly and successfully.

Depending on the issue at hand, following our phone call we will join you on-site wherever you are in the Frankston area, either to conduct further investigations to identify the problem, or get started on rectifying it. We’ll develop a full quote before any work is commenced, so you’ll know exactly what to expect at the end of the process.

How Can We Help You

You can count on the comprehensive range of services and highly skilled team at Bayside Gasfitting and Plumbing to fix any plumbing or gas-maintenance problem efficiently and at a fair price:

  • Honest, clear-cut advice with satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Available 24/7 in case of emergency and, because we’re local, we can be with you in next to no time.
  • Fully licensed and insured, for extra peace of mind.
  • Reconditioning of gas stoves and heaters, and a selection of already reconditioned units available in-store.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I hire a plumber?

You should consider hiring a plumber whenever there’s a problem with your water supply, and you’re not able to fix it yourself. Even if the job seems like a quick fix or a minor task, and especially if you’re renting, it’s worthwhile calling in a professional to handle the work for you. The peace of mind is always worth it.

A few common scenarios for hiring a plumber include: blocked kitchen or bathroom drain pipes, leaking or dripping taps, burst pipes, replacing kitchen, bathroom or laundry sinks, any issues with your hot water service, burst water pipes underground, blocked sewage systems, and the list goes on. If you’re unsure, it’s best to call your local professional plumbers.

I don't see my plumbing problem on your site, can you still help?

We can cater to almost every plumbing issue. Typically we only list the common concerns and problems on our website. If you can’t find your problem listed, feel free to call us directly on (03) 9776 9411 and we will help you or point you in the right direction.

I have a water leak. Should I turn off my water?

In most cases you should turn off your water. Turn off the local source first (for a leaking toilet, turn the water tap off at the wall). If the issue persists, then you should turn off your water mains.

If you have an interior water leak, you can risk water damage to flooring, walls, timber work and paint, not to mention furniture and other personal belongings. If you have an external water leak, be aware that this can damage the foundations to your house if extensive.

Once you’ve turned the water off, clean up as much of the spillage as possible using paper towels, towels & sponges. This will help avoid water dampening & potential mould issues down the track.

How often should a gas heater be serviced?

It depends on how old the gas heating unit is, but a good rule of thumb is that most types of gas heaters should be serviced a minimum of every two years. These checks should be undertaken by a licenced gasfitter, who will also test for potential carbon monoxide spillage. This includes all central heating units, space heaters, wall units and gas log fires.

Installation & Service of Gas Heaters

All gas heaters must be professionally installed and serviced by a licensed & qualified gasfitter. An untested or unsafe heater can run the risks of starting a house fire or causing pollution to your home through the leaking of dangerous fumes including carbon monoxide.

Why do I keep running out of hot water?

If you find your household is constantly running out of hot water, especially when your daily consumption levels are the same, there may be issues with your hot water service. These could point to a thermostat malfunction or an aged system not performing etc. Quite often it’s a simple fix, however hot water servicing issues should always be handled by a professional. We are able to assist with both hot water unit repairs and replacements.

Why does my drain keep blocking?

If you have tried an at home drain cleaning solution or method, and your drain still keeps on blocking, the problem could be bigger than a food blockage, grease, soap or hair.

Flushing toiletries such as napkins, sanitary pads or other objects (cigarette butts, condoms, toys) can lead to larger blockages in the drain pipes. From an external perspective, tree roots or fallen leaves are another common cause of blocked drains. Although these blockages tend to happen much further down the drain pipes. We can assist in investigative works and rectifying these issues.

Gas, electric, solar hot water heater or heat pump, which one is better?

To determine which hot water system is better to buy, it will really come down to your personal requirements for the system. An electric hot water system will often be cheaper to purchase outright, but may cost you much more in general running costs, primarily due to high energy prices.

Gas hot water services often come with energy efficient star ratings and are cheaper to run than those units powered by electricity. Solar hot water heaters are the environmentally friendly heating system option. Solar units have lower running costs in the long run. However, the initial system purchase & installation can be expensive.

Can I replace my own hot water heater?

Any works involving altering gas or electrical should be carried out by a licenced professional and we would not recommend doing any replacements yourself.

Why won't my tap stop dripping?

There can be a few different causes of a dripping tap, one of the most common being the need to replace the washers.